Folding Windows

Folding windows, also known as bi-fold windows, have several sections, folding in pairs in an accordion fashion. Bi-fold windows fold into a compact stack when the window is open, giving the opportunity of having large openings which are unobstructed by columns or frames

Aluminium bifold windows are a stunning home improvement option for homeowners in Kenya and the surrounding areas. With a vast range of benefits, our innovative bifold windows are the ultimate way to transform the appearance and performance of any home.

Featuring the incredibly modern smart visofold 1000 profile, bifold windows fold away neatly and easily to maximise natural light allowance, ventilation and views. This feature operates on an exceptional opening mechanism that guarantees high performance even after extended use, allowing our aluminium bi-folding windows to be a wonderful addition to any property. To ensure they are the perfect fit your for your property, these windows offer a wide choice of opening configurations. You can choose to have the sashes fold internally or externally and you can choose which order they open in, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a single window or double window design with your home.